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Saint Clair, Pennsylvania Fern Fossils

These natural wonders fell into a bog where a low temperature, low pressure, oxygen depleted environment evolved the plant tissue into Pyrite. Pyrophyllite(AluminumSilicate) replaced the Pyrite at an ensuing stage, creating the bold, white color. Any orange-ish color was caused by the presence of iron ore and is an entirely natural occurrence. This remarkable state of preservation is the anomaly that provide the St. Clair, Pennsylvania fern fossils their beautiful complexions. This site is no longer open for excavation those available are truly priceless.

Dozens of plant species are found in this shale, look closely. Common species include Alethopteris, Neuropteris, Pecopteris, and Sphenophyllum these carboniferous ferns died between 280 and 310 million years ago! One century can seem hard to comprehend and these fossils thrived 3 million times that long ago. Seed ferns of any kind went completely extinct around 73 million years ago, while dinosaurs were still around!

We never paint or touch them up. Nature and time are the artists.
St. Clair Ferns would be a perfect addition to anyone's fossil collection!

Be aware carboniferous fern fossils can be damaged if not handled with care. If you're purchasing for educational purposes, gifts etc. and your specimen will be handled by children I offer a Matte Protection Sealing free of charge, ONLY UPON REQUEST! There will be a slight gloss in comparison to the organic specimen but coloration will remain consistent.

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