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Eastonite is only found near Easton, PA and a locality in Norway(the country). Nowhere else has it been found! Nice light and dark green crystals throughout each piece.

Collected from near C.K. Williams Quarry in Easton PA

For anyone interested in metaphysical properties of minerals, below are exerpts from "Love is in the Earth: Kaleidoscopic Pictoral Supplement A", by Melody:

Eastonite is a member of the Biotite family and usually crystallizes in the formation of thin lustrous green-grey laminae and tabular or short prismatic crystals or plates. The mineral was first described by A.N. Winchell in 1925 and was named for Easton, Pennsylvania, the locality where it was discovered.

This mineral has been used to increase the oscillatory rate for changing states of the body and the consciousness. With intent, the user is able to gain momentum for the changes and to return to theinitiating location with permanent results

It also augments the vision of the third eye, bringing information concerning structures in ones life and structures from past times and civilizations. The pathway to channeling information from other realms is unobstructed with the application of this mineral.

Eastonite may also be used to facilitate ones understanding of present circumstance and past patterns, to allow for knowledge with respect to whether one is a "star person", to discover the reasons for coming to Earth, and to ascern the point of origin. The arrays also facilitate inter-planetary and/or intergalactic communication.

It assists on in the ability to turn away from a life of non-questioning and toward a life where questioning is a common occurance. One can find in the secrets of this life, the answers to secrets not in this life.

This is a wonderful mineral within which to "carry an angel", an angel to bring peace, to dispel chaos, etc. One can easily program Eastonite with the positivity of angelic work, subsequently giving the mineral to another. Please note that the mineral will not accept negative programming. The programming is facilitated by: first, writing that which one desires to be given; second, placing the stone on top of the paper and concentrating on sending the energy into the Eastonite. One will either feel a "tingling" or a flow of warm or cool air after the programming has been completed. It is a lovely thought and a lovely deed to facilitate this adventure.

It also brings an energy to assist one in astrology and astronomy, supporting one in decision-making with respect to correct methodology and procedures.

It has been used to help one in purchasing - assuring the "right" merchandise is available, and assuring a "good" price for value.

Eastonite provides a "fun" energy, promoting the consciousness of all sensation one experiences and/or creates, while furthur supporting one with enjoyment of same.

It has been used to assist in the assimilation of potassium, in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders, disorders of the thyroid, the spleen, the adenoids, the cardio-vascular system, and the veins.

Vibrates to the number 9

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